Port Hedland Golf Club
Posted June 10, 2020 Port Hedland Golf Club

Established in 1986, the Port Hedland Golf Club has been a social hub for the towns and region for years. With approximately 87 hectares of land, the Port Hedland Golf Club boasts the best sand greens in the Pilbara.

FORM Pilbara
Posted March 27, 2020 FORM Pilbara

FORM is an independent, non-profit organisation that focuses on enhancing Western Australia’s cultural, social and economic well being. They develop bespoke programs to help shape creativity in the community and offering skills to support creative learning, public art and cultural tourism.

Courthouse Gallery+Studio
Posted March 27, 2020 Courthouse Gallery+Studio

The Courthouse Gallery+Studio is a cultural hub managed by The Juncton Co, inviting visitors and locals to experience Pilbara's creative talent

Turtle Season - Turtle Monitoring with Care For Hedland
Posted October 29, 2019 Turtle Season - Turtle Monitoring with Care For Hedland

Port Hedland has two famous areas renowned for turtle nesting in the Pilbara - Cemetary Beach and Eighty Mile Beach. Residents and visitors are urged to be mindful of nesting turtles and hatchlings on the coastline during the nesting season from November to March.

Staircase to the Moon
Posted October 25, 2019 Staircase to the Moon

While you're in Port Hedland, be sure to view a special natural phenomenon - Staircase to the Moon. The best view is located next to the Cooke Point Caravan Park on Good Street between March and October. This unique phenomenon occurs when the full moon rises over the exposed mudflats during extremely low tides, creating an illusion of a staircase reaching to the moon